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Have you ever considered a home theatre system? Why go out, when you can enjoy movies in the comfort of your own home. Adelaide Digital Security is able to work with you to design a custom home theatre system that suits your needs and budget.

Home Theatre System – Build it your way.

Whether you have a purpose built tiered room or simply want to transform your lounge room, there are many options available. 

There are endless possibilities when designing a home theatre. Screen sizes, amps, projectors etc are available in various sizes and prices to suit.

It can be overwhelming for you to decide what to purchase but Adelaide Digital Security can offer advice about the products which would best suit the size, shape and room orientation. 

Some of the equipment considerations are below, but not limited to:

Speakers (Surround Sound) – Free standing, tweeters, corner mounted and flush mounted in the ceiling or wall available  

Screens – Automated, fixed, pull down, concealed 

Amplifiers (AV Receiver) – Some models can be controlled by smart device apps, allowing you to control the volume etc from anywhere in your house.

Projectors – Basic to more advanced models with better picture quality available.

Sub woofers – Buy one or more for the ultimate base surround sound