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Emergencies happen and we realise you can’t always be there to deal with them. Rest easy knowing that your property can be monitored 24/7 via alarm responses or CCTV monitoring. Adelaide Digital Security uses reliable A1 grade local monitoring centres Security Alarm Monitoring Service and Alarm Net Monitoring Service for all your alarm responses.

Alarm Monitoring

Looking for security alarm monitoring in Adelaide? Adelaide Digital Security is able to provide security alarm monitoring services via a Communicator over the 4G mobile networks, Internet or a PSTN (telephone landline).

Each system contacts the monitoring centre with a frequency known as the polling period. The polling periods (or heartbeat frequency) can vary from communication technology used:

  • PSTN and 4G: Daily or weekly communications signal polling periods
  • 4G and Internet/Modem: 12 hour (standard polling P2), 1 hour, 120 second, 90 second, 60 second, or 20 second polling periods available on request.

* Please note that not all services may not be available due to your location. All services are dependent on coverage, availability, and the type of system.

CCTV Monitoring

Take your security up a notch.

If your property has a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system, it can be used as an aid when an alarm response has been received by the monitoring centre.

Please note that CCTV monitoring is only available as an addition to Alarm Monitoring services and not on its own.

CCTV Technologies

Adelaide Digital Security is able to provide security CCTV monitoring services providing the property has an adequate Internet upload/download speed.

Incidence Response

In the unlikely event of an intrusion, the monitoring centre can provide help in a variety of ways:
• 24/7 Security Guard at the property
• Attendance by Emergency Services (Police, fire, and/or ambulance)

Post Incident

After the dust has settled, Adelaide Digital Security remains by your side with the following services:
• 24/7 Security Guard at the property
• Security guard dogs