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Data networks are becoming more popular in the home. They allow you to access the internet, television, gaming consoles, print from a PC or tablet or download documents from various locations within your property.


For ultimate connectivity, it is recommended your property is cabled, rather than relying on wireless connectivity, but both can be utilised.

ADC Krone is our trusted brand for our cabling and components due to its high durability and reliability in the data world.

The current transmission standard is Category 6 (Cat6), which is what we use. Category 7 (Cat7) cable and equipment is available upon request.

Switching & Routing

Data switches allow you to transmit data within all the network outlets within your home or office.

Adelaide Digital Security can work with you to design a new data network or we can upgrade your existing data network to maximise its efficiency.

The data equipment can be stored in a designated data cabinet or within an existing cupboard in your home/property.