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CCTV (or Closed Circuit Television) is the use of security cameras to capture and record surveillance footage. The addition of CCTV to your property provides you with a superior level of security and allows you to see what’s happening at your property, whether you are there or not.
A live view can be seen via a monitor, television, smart device or your PC.

Keep an eye on what’s happening at your property from inside or anywhere in the world! Footage is stored on a CCTV recorder via a hard disc drive and can be accessed for varied periods of time (dependant on the hard drive capacity).

CCTV recording can be processed through two different recording systems. An NVR (Network Video Recorder) or a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). These systems, process the camera’s footage to be stored on the hard disc drive (HDD).

The technology commonly used between the cameras and the recorders are either for an NVR (Ethernet cables) or through a DVR (a combination of coax and power cables). Currently both are available in High Definition Resolution. Adelaide Digital Security uses recorders and cameras with the latest technology and highest mega pixels available. The current availability for NVR systems is 12 mega pixel capabilities in the recording unit and 6 mega pixel cameras. In the DVR system, it is 8 mega pixel DVR and 5 mega pixel cameras.

This information is current as at August 2018.

Supply and Installation

Looking for CCTV installation in Adelaide? Adelaide Digital Security prefers to use trusted brands such as LTS and Hikvision for our CCTV systems. Contact us today and we will work together to customise a CCTV plan suitable for your specific needs.

Installation & Troubleshooting Services

Adelaide Digital Security will happily install your CCTV system even if you have purchased it from somewhere else. We also offer a maintenance programme for your CCTV security system even if we didn’t install it.