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Looking for security alarm systems in Adelaide? Your property can be protected 24 hours a day. 

With a variety of security alarms, sensors, duress remotes, remote arming and smart phone arming available, we can tailor your alarm to suit your individual needs and budget. 


A security alarm panel is the brain of your security system. This is where all the cabling, sensors, reeds, code pads and sirens come together to form your alarm.

It is your alarm panel that communicates to you or the monitoring centre when an intruder has been detected.

There are various alarm components available to suit your particular needs and budget.

You can even use your smartphone to arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere, click here for more information.

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There are many types of sensors available to detect intruders. The sky is the limit now days with the advances in technology in intruder detection.

We install the following types of sensors:

PIR – Passive Infra Red (commonly referred to as motion sensors)

This is usually installed in the corner of a room either on the wall or the ceiling and will detect motion.

DOOR REED – Magnetic Reed

These reeds will activate when a door is opened.

WINDOW REED – Magnetic Reed

These reeds will activate when a window is opened.

GLASS BREAK SENSOR – Monitors glass breaking

These sensors will activate when a glass door or window is broken.

VIBRATION SENSOR – Monitors vibrations

These sensors will activate when a vibration is detected from a window or glass door.


These sensors will activate when smoke is detected.

THERMAL DETECTOR SENSOR – Monitors heat from fire

These sensors will activate when there is a dramatic rise in temperature or a fixed temperature is reached.

PE BEAMS – Photo Electric Beams

These sensors will detect intrusion on the outside of your property once a beam is broken.


These sensors will activate when a pre-set temperature is reached. These are commonly used for fridges, cool rooms and freezers.


There are various options for arming and disarming your alarm


This allows you to arm and disarm via an app on your smart phone, from anywhere in the world, with internet access.


This allows you to arm and disarm your alarm with a small keychain remote.


Arm and disarm your alarm system via a user code.


If you don’t like remembering number codes, a key switch option is available.

Duress Activation

Feel safe even when you are not close to a phone. There are various types of duress systems suitable for the young, old and for businesses.


If activated and you are monitored, the monitoring centre will notify the local police department.


Duress activation via your smart phone is available by request.


These are the same as your arm/disarm remotes above, but have the added feature to activate your alarm siren.

If your alarm system is monitored, pressing your duress key remote will alert the monitoring centre, who will then dispatch a patrol or the police.

Supply & Installation

Adelaide Digital Security uses trusted brands such as Hills, Bosch, Crow, Paradox and other major brands. 

Servicing and Emergency Callouts

At Adelaide Digital Security, we provide general servicing and emergency callouts for new and existing customers. We can service your products, even if we didn’t install them.

Installation of your security alarm

If you have purchased your own security system and need someone to install it, we have you covered! Contact us today, and we will customise a proposal suited to your specific needs.